William A. Brown, LLC, Represents Residents of Mar Bella Development in League City, Texas

William A. Brown, LLC, is now representing residents and buyers, in the new community of Mar Bella in League City, Texas, who are at odds with the developers for installing unsightly overhead power lines instead of buried power lines as was represented to the buyers, and required by local ordinance.

Mar Bella, a resort town on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, is the namesake of this attractive new real-estate development League City, Texas, with beautiful homes, a first-rate school district and scenic views of water features.  It is a short hop from Galveston Bay, the Galveston beaches, the Kemah Boardwalk and all of the other trapping of the good life in Texas.

To maintain the beauty of the environment, the master plan of this community included buried electrical power lines to each and every home, and for most of the community, this is what happened.  But now there is a problem because the developers have reneged on their commitment to bury the power lines, and have instead began planting unsightly telephone poles with above-ground wires to furnish electricity to the homes of the final phases of the development.

As you approach this oasis in the Texas coastal region and drive through the entrance, it is truly breathtaking.  But then, as you meander around to the eastern side, you find these enormous, unsightly, black telephone poles dripping with creosote, planted right on the property of the home owners. The above-ground power lines and poles have dramatically affected the picturesque views and consequently, the property values.

The residents of Mar Bella are angry. The environment of their dream homes have been defaced and the developer is pushing back indicating essentially that if the affected residents don’t support the change to above-ground power lines, they won’t have power at all. As one can imagine, the residents are shattered. They want what they bargained for, what was agreed to, what the ordnance demanded, and what they expected.

As representatives of residents and buyers in the affected community, we at William A. Brown, LLC, are determined to help them get the beautiful, safe and secure environment that they are proud to call home.