A Continuing Legacy

William A. Brown represents the fifth generation of Texas Lawyers


Jon Winfield Scott Dancy

Jon Winfield Dancy Law_License Jon Winfield Dancy Jon Winfield Scott Dancy is William A. Brown’s great-great-grandfather.  He was born in Virginia in 1810 and became “The Father of Texas Railroads.” His Legal education was at the University of Knoxville. He immigrated to Texas on December 28, 1836 and became a licensed Attorney in the Republic of Texas on April 21, 1837; He was a licensed attorney in Austin, and Travis County, Texas. Senator, Congress, Republic of Texas; Representative, Legislature of Texas. Colonel, U.S. Army, Mexican War, battle of Monterrey. More about Colonel Dancy can be found at the Texas State Historical Association.


Joseph C. Brown

Joseph C. Brown

Joseph C. Brown is Jon Winfield Scott Dancy’s son-in-law and  William A. Brown’s great-grandfather. Born September 12, 1845, Jos C. Brown became a licensed attorney in Texas in February, 1871 (if you right click on his license you will see his oath which affirms that he never fought a duel with deadly weapons.) Jos C. Brown practiced law as Timmons and Brown, Brown Lane & Jackson and later as Brown, Lane, & Garwood. Joseph C. Brown served in the Civil War for the Confederate Army and distinguished himself during the Battle of Vicksburg.


Leon Dancy Brown

Leon Brown Law License Leon BrownLeon Dancy Brown is William A. Brown’s grandfather. Born November 7, 1897, he practiced law in Houston Texas as a partner in several different law firms and  later in La Grange, Texas as L.D. Brown, Attorney at Law.  Leon Brown enjoyed great success in his law practice focusing on commercial and real estate law banks as primary clients. During the 1920’s and 30’s Leon Brown owned and operated real estate development companies that were instrumental in property development during the high growth years throughout the Harris County Area.


William Alley Brown, Sr

Law License of William Alley Brown, SrWilliam_Brown_SR_ds_430x587Born on September 5, 1921, educated at University of Texas and Harvard Business School. William Brown, Sr. was a First Lieutenant, U.S. Army, during World War II, Eurpoean Theater. Although Mr.  Brown was best known for his  law practice at Brown & Root and Halliburton, he became well recognized at Texas A & M as a tenured professor in the Building & Construction Science department where he taught labor and construction law.  William Brown, Sr. enjoyed a successful legal career from 1948 until his death in 1996.


William A. Brown

Law License of William A. BrownWilliam A. BrownWilliam A. Brown is a native Texan, raised in the Houston area. The majority of his education and training in law, as well as the development of his business and professional skills, took place in the Texas Gulf Coast region.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Technology at the University of Houston.  He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. Mr. Brown has practice throughout the United States but primarily in the Texas Gulf Coast. His law practice has primarily focused on real estate, litigation, and estate planning.