International Probate Matters

No matter where you live, when you pass, your property needs to transfer to the heirs that you intended. If there is no other legal mechanism in place, such as a Living Trust, the transfer will typically be handled in probate court. But then the question is, where is probate opened to establish the authority to effect such transfers?

In a recent case, a decedent who was a former resident of Galveston County, Texas, had remarried and was living as an expatriate in a foreign country with a spouse who is a citizen of that county. The spouse had an interesting question to resolve: where is the probate jurisdiction?

To allow probate to be opened in Texas, it is important to establish as many ties to the Texas community as possible, hopefully including some form of real property. There is provision of the Texas Estates Code that affords the local probate court the authority to open an estate in this kind of situation.

Something to consider is that a Living Trust eliminates probate, and in a case such as this international one, the transfer of property becomes a non-issue.